Connecting People to Nature

Project Name: Connecting people to nature in the Interpretive Centre open spaces at FortWhyte Alive

Project Description: "Connecting People to Nature in the Interpretive Centre (IC) Open Spaces at FortWhyte Alive" will improve our interpretive programming space and gateway to FortWhyte's trails in the area behind the Interpretive Centre. This will be accomplished through significant site retrofits designed to improve access to and experience with nature for our many visitors of all ages and abilities.

Amount: $40,000

Project Name: Connecting Prairie Pothole Habitat Conservation with Beef Cattle Production 

Project Description: Connecting Prairie Pothole Habitat Conservation with Beef Cattle Production will establish a raised forage garden showcasing up to 64 native and tame plants and ½ acre of restored native meadow integrated with 1 km wetland trail at the Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives Learning Centre. The outdoor interpretive program will connect youth and the public with prairie diversity in a high use rural setting showcasing the role of beef cattle grazing in its conservation.

Amount: $19,897

Project Name: PINE: Preserving Interest in Nature through Engagement

Project Description: PINE will address the need for Manitobans to be more connected to natural areas in their province & to increase understanding of the conservation of these areas. The project will engage 740 Manitobans in a variety of interactive, hands-on programs for diverse audiences that are relevant to their communities & locations.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Grace Lake Boardwalk and Boreal Forest Trail

Project Description: The Grace Lake Boardwalk and Trail will construct floating boardwalk sections along the west side of Grace Lake near The Pas and raised pathways through a pristine boreal forest. This will allow for year-round accessible use. The boardwalk and trail will allow for educational events like school visits and water festivals. The project will be completed and opened in 2020 as a celebration of the Manitoba 150.

Amount: $50,000