How You Can Help

MHC works in partnership with landowners to conserve lands needed to maintain watershed health.
These programs include:

Manitoba Escarpment

Our Sustainable Slopes Conservation Agreements are designed to protect the natural buffer zones along the Manitoba escarpment.

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Habitat Conservation

MHC works with local Conservation Districts to conserve natural areas identified within their watershed plans.

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Did you know

The areas alongside streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands are known as “Riparian Areas” or the “Riparian Zone”. Healthy riparian areas usually have a combination of trees, shrubs, and grasses and are areas between water and dry-land. Because of their location on the landscape they are often considered “drier than wet”, but “wetter than dry”. These areas represent about 2% of the land base, but are essential to the overall health of a watershed.

    Riparian areas provide:

    • corridors for the movement of wildlife,
    • increase biodiversity,
    • help to slow flooding by holding back water,
    • attenuate the potentially destructive force of flood waters,
    • stability for the shoreline which helps reduce erosion,
    • fish and aquatic species habitat, and
    • regulate water temperature.