Hunting Policy

Hunting on MHC Lands

Terms and Conditions

  • It is the hunter's responsibility to ensure they have all permits,  licences and any other documentation required by provincial and/or federal law
  • All hunting laws and regulations outlined in the Manitoba Hunting Guide are to be followed, including provincially recognized hunting seasons, limits and times, as well as the hunting rights and responsibilities outlined for First Nations and Metis People
  • All Big Game Hunters must carry their hunting permission with them when hunting on MHC properties. If party hunting, each hunter must have their individual permission slip
  • Hunting permission will be granted for the duration of the Big Game Season for which the application was made. Additionally, all MHC lands will be closed to all hunters for Big Game Hunting, from February 5th, 2024 to August 26th, 2024.
  • MHC reserves the right to limit the number of permits provided to a given individual, and the number of hunters for which permission is allowed in a given season and on a given property
  • Any hunter found on MHC property without valid permission for that property and that season will be deemed to be hunting without authorization, charged accordingly and will be refused hunting permission on MHC lands for a minimum of 5 years
  • Receiving hunting permission does not confer sole hunting access to any of MHC lands
  • The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited. Hunters must access hunting locations, conduct their hunt and retrieve game on foot or by using non-motorized vehicles
  • Trapping is not currently allowed. While not opposed to trapping, MHC is in the process of developing a trapping policy and examining the requirements to enable this activity on its lands.  Hunters are allowed to hunt coyote by using an appropriate firearm and following the Provincial Hunting Regulations.
  • Livestock may be present during the hunting season and must be respected. Gates must remain closed
  • Bear bait stations or permanent tree stands are not allowed on MHC properties. Temporary tree stands and blinds may be used, subject to the rules outlined in the Manitoba Hunting Guide
  • Outfitting and/or generating revenue by hunting on MHC lands is not permitted
  • MHC will not provide emergency evacuation services