Habitat Mitigation

Did you know

MHC has partnered with Manitoba Infrastructure,  Manitoba Hydro, and Manitoba Sustainable Development to participate in a program that aims to achieve “no-net-loss” of wetlands in Manitoba. Under this program, any wetlands that are lost or impacted during construction of new roads are replaced by restoring and protecting other wetlands in the area.
MHC’s role is to help Manitoba Infrastructure and Manitoba Sustainable Development mitigate for wetland losses by working with landowners willing to permanently restore and protect wetlands they own.
Since 2005, MHC has provided compensation for the loss or damage of 156 acres of wetlands through its partnership with the Province. The total compensation achieved to replace these wetlands has resulted in the protection over 2,000 acres of wetland and associated upland habitats.

MMTP Wetland Offset Final Report 2023