Project Name: Conservation Planning in the Interlake Plain: Narcisse and Sylvan Dale Community Pastures

Project Description: AMCP will complete range health assessments and land management plans for the Narcisse and Sylvan Dale Community Pastures in order to foster healthy, resilient prairie landscapes covering a total 26,000 acres within the Interlake Plain Ecoregion. The management plans will incorporate ecological goods and services of the Community Pastures including diverse, productive forages as well as wildlife habitat conservation goals.

Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Planning for the Future: Enhancing Climate Resilience in Integrated Watershed Management Plans

Project Description: Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMPs) provide a roadmap for watershed-based planning in Manitoba. This project aims to build climate resilience at the watershed level by developing guidance and tools to enhance integration of climate change adaptation into the IWMP planning process for Watershed Districts. Its application will ensure that IWMP processes consider and respond to potential climate change impacts, ensuring that investments made today build climate-resilience for tomorrow.

Amount: $25,000