CT Categories at a Glance


Activity Types


Up to $300,000 for:

  • Activities tied directly to established priorities in an integrated management watershed plan
  • Activities that have water quality, quantity (water retention, drought mitigation etc.) as a key EG&S outcomes
  • Activities that also contribute other EG&S such as biological diversity, soil conservation, carbon sequestration etc.

Habitat and Wildlife

Up to $300,000 for

  • Projects designed to improve habitat quality and quantity
  • Enhancement of populations of key wildlife species or suites of species
  • Habitat activities that support a regional, provincial, or national plan for wildlife or habitat

Soil Health

Up to $200,000 for

  • Activities that build soil organic matter, decreased soil erosion and increase carbon sequestration through perennial cover management, or other cropping practices that maximize the period of living roots in the soil

Conservation Planning

Up to $25,000 for:

• Large area planning initiatives at an eco-regional, basin, or multi-species scale
• Successful planning applications will guide on-the-ground conservation projects in the near-term


Up to $100,000 for:

• On-the-ground pilot projects that are designed to focus on new approaches to the conservation of land, water and wildlife. Deliverables must be tied to on-the-ground project delivery within the grant period.

Connecting People to Nature

Up to $50,000 for

  • Activities may include enhancement of riverbanks and natural greenways or equivalent natural areas in urban or high use rural settings
  • Projects that improve citizens access to nature (e.g. trails) or enhance a visitor’s experience with nature (signage)
  • Outdoor-based interpretive programs specifically designed to connect people with nature