CT PROJECT CATEGORY: Habitat and Wildlife

Project Name: Alonsa and McCreary Community Pastures Range Health Project and Land Management Planning.

Project Description: The project proposes range health assessments, management planning and tangible improvements into the Alonsa and McCreary Community Pastures that promotes range health improvements, vigorous forage supply, grassland animal and plant species diversity, and grassland resiliency.

Amount: $32,500

Project Name: Enhancing Avian Species at Risk Applicability in Conservation Delivery.

Project Description: Six grassland bird Species at Risk are on a collision course towards extirpation in Manitoba. They have lost most of their former Manitoba range and hang on by a fragile thread. Their needs and critical habitat are insufficiently addressed by current conservation delivery programs. This project will ensure their habitat on private land is stewarded and ultimately secured by engaging with landowners and explore best approaches to counter market pressures for conversion of pasture to cropland.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: East Area Wetland Restoration.

Project Description: Our intention is to build the eastern pond to a state that will allow the natural environment to display itself.  This will revitalize the wetlands and we will restore the dyke’s infrastructure and build the boardwalks. The desire is to allow for appropriate interpretive opportunities by installing a boardwalk which will accommodate people with all mobility requirements from single individuals up to school groups as per the attached Revitalized Brandon Riverbank Wetland from HTFC.  Our wetlands have suffered greatly from the floods of 2011 and 2014 and having this opportunity to build an interpretive boardwalk is an integral piece to our wetland puzzle.  The wetlands provide biodiversity that benefits everyone and we believe that we are creating a legacy that again will benefit Brandonites, visitors to our area as well as the hundreds of children that come through for our Interpretive and Swamp Camp Programs.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: Wetlands and Waterfowl Conservation Project.

Project Description: Providing funds for building and installing 500 new Hen Houses Delta will expand the use of this effective tool to produce ducks by increasing nest success and hen survival. By gaining access from private landowners to install Hen Houses we will establish relationships to foster additional conservation work, including wetland protection through conservation agreements and annual payment programming. This project protects and enhances wetlands in southwestern Manitoba.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: North Prairie Control Burn and Renewed Habitat Management.

Project Description: FortWhtye Alive's North Prairie Control Burn and Renewed Habitat Management project will utilize agronomist-informed prescribed burn intervention to regenerate its North Prairie (91 acres) and South Meadow (1 acre) habitats. These activities will be complemented by intentional knowledge dissemination of the vital role fire plays in prairie ecosystems.

Amount: $29,000

Project Name: Watershed Restoration and Habitat Management.

Project Description: This project will replenish dwindling water levels in FortWhyte Alive's reclaimed clay pit lakes - a unique source of surface water attracting wildlife, waterfowl and human visitors for over 50 years. Benefits of this project include improvements to drought resilience, water quantity and quality, biodiversity in replenished wetlands and shorelines, replenished and sustained habitat for harvestable wildlife, mitigated invasive species, reduced erosion, and improved carbon sequestration.

Amount: $17,500

Project Name: Kirkella Community Pasture Association Grassland Habitat Enhancement Project.

Project Description: The Kirkella Community Pasture Association Grassland Habitat Enhancement Project will involve a pasture assessment and range enhancement activities on the 4,000 acre Kirkella Pasture, a community-owned landscape that has significant environmental and cattle production values also used by a number of species at risk.   Project activities may include fencing, livestock watering and control of invasive shrubs and will enhance grasslands, wetlands and associated habitats in the Pasture.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: Seine River Greenspace Enhancement Project-   Enhancing Natural Habitats Along The Seine.

Project Description: The Seine River Greenspace Enhancement Project-   Enhancing Natural Habitats Along The Seine will protect, restore, and enhance the natural habitats of the Seine River.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Seven Oaks School Division Learning and Service Centre: Ecological Restoration Project.

Project Description: Seven Oaks School Division will enhance the natural infrastructure across 20 hectares by conserving native biodiversity, creating a naturalized stormwater retention pond, restoring 14 hectares to tall grass prairie, and facilitating educational and recreational opportunities that connect people to nature.

Amount: $100,00

Project Name: Engaging landowners in southwestern Manitoba to improve and protect habitat for Burrowing Owls.

Project Description: Our project will improve habitat and increase the population of Burrowing Owls in Manitoba through landowners habitat enhancement agreements and reintroductions. Habitat improvement will include the installation of artificial nest burrows (ANBs) on suitable land. ANBs provide protected nests for adults and young. Successful reintroductions (where pairs successfully fledge young) increase likelihood of return in future seasons. Reintroductions will increase Burrowing Owls populations in Manitoba.

Amount: $12,500

Project Name: Habitat & wildlife enhancement in working landscapes.

Project Description: This project will secure and enhance critical habitat for wildlife and other biodiversity within ecologically significant working landscapes. Activities planned and implemented within an adaptive management framework will enhance and increase biodiversity and support the provision of ecological goods and services across of 20,000 acres of habitat in partnership with private landowners, producers and other conservation organizations.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: Establishment of Pollinator Habitat in the Mixed Grass Prairie Region of Manitoba.

Project Description: The establishment of habitat will increase pollinator populations that provide a valuable ecological service essential to humans and wildlife. Approximately 60 percent of the worlds food crops fruits and seeds combined produce 30 percent of food that humans consume require pollinators. This project will expand the populations of beneficial insects that prey on crop pests, recycle nutrients, increase crop yields and quality, improve soil quality, food source for fish, birds and other wildlife.

Amount: $60,000