CT PROJECT CATEGORY: Innovation and Conservation Planning

Project Name: Assiniboine River Basin Initiative Framework for Watershed Stewardship Strategic Plan Development.

Project Description: The project will bring together stakeholders from across the Assiniboine River basin to identify key issues and concerns from both a water and landscape perspective. These concerns will be prioritized in a manner which ARBI can utilize to move forward in the development of their work plan and priorities.  This will ensure that these priority items can then be addressed for the betterment of the basin and the citizens that call it home.

Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Prioritizing Natural Infrastructure in Manitoba Watersheds.

Project Description: In a changing climate it will be municipalities, First Nations and other local governments who bear the greatest burdens but hold the most potential to quickly adapt. This project will collaboratively develop innovative plans for municipalities and First Nations in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to meet 21st century needs using Natural Infrastructure.

Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Transforming watershed action plans into on-the-ground BMPs - A made-in-Manitoba EG&S program.

Project Description: Conservation districts, NGOs and government representatives will gather for a day-long session to collectively develop strategies to integrate Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) into their established or emerging Integrated Watershed Management Plans. The resulting "how-to" document will be a widely shared tool that will inform on-the-ground projects, enhance watershed management in Manitoba and ensure EG&S strategies are clearly defined and accessible to all stakeholders.

Amount: $10,000

Project Name: Planning for restoration and protection of water quality in Lake Manitoba.

Project Description: This project will develop a common plan for EG&S program delivery, targeted to the protection of water quality in Lake Manitoba, and delivered by the Watershed Districts in the western portion of the Lake Manitoba basin.

Amount: $25,000