Project Name: Ste Genevieve Water Retention Area.

Project Description: The Ste Genevieve Water Retention Area will mitigate flooding to the Cooks Creek Watershed by storing up to 110-acre feet of water.  The project will also provide 65 hectares of habitat for a number of species and improve the water quality in the Cooks Creek and Lake Winnipeg.  The project will improve the health of the Cooks Creek watershed and its residents.

Amount: $84,150

Project Name: Prairie Pothole and Grassland Restoration Project.

Project Description: Ducks Unlimited Canada will use incentive-based, long-term partnerships with landowners to complete the proposed Prairie Pothole and Grassland Restoration Project. The project will advance wetland and grassland restoration initiatives in the southwestern pothole region of Manitoba. In addition to restoring habitat, the project will maintain and improve the EG&S offered by the provinces’ natural infrastructure: wetlands and grasslands.

Amount: $125,000

Project Name: Integrated Waterway and Roadside Native Vegetation Project (IWRNV project).

Project Description: The Integrated Waterway and Roadside Native Vegetation project (IWRNV project) will deliver measurable improvements to local soil, water, wildlife and farming resources while rejuvenating the endangered tall grass prairie ecosystem.

Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Wetland and Riparian Area Restoration/Protection.

Project Description: The Wetland and Riparian Area Restoration/Protection project will restore and protect wetland and riparian areas in Manitoba’s Interlake region.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Expansion of IMCD Burdeniuk Tree Plantation.

Project Description: This project will enable Intermountain Conservation District to expand its' Tree Nursery and Plantation to 5 acres from its' current 3 acres; this Nursery & Plantation was established due lack of other tree nurseries nearby; and the expansion will allow Intermountain to supply trees to free of charge to local community parks, Intermountain project sites, riparian areas, shelterbelts and wildlife block plantings; 250 larger trees will be permanently planted in these areas.

Amount: $6,000

Project Name: Mill Creek Retention Project.

Project Description: This project will create a water retention strategy along the Mill Creek to better manage water resources in the area. It will provide peak flow reduction, nutrient reduction, water supply benefits, flood protection and drought protection to the landowners along the creek as well as reduce the flow pressure on municipal infrastructure and reduce the water supply dependency on the Provincial pumps in the Assiniboine River.

Amount: $75,000

Project Name: Improving Watershed Health in LSRCD by Engaging Farmers and Ranchers on the Working Landscape.

Project Description: ALUS projects in the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District will improve water quality and lower the risk of flood and drought in the watershed. Additional benefits will include the creation of wildlife habitat, and soil protection and improvement.  The ALUS program is voluntary and farmers, ranchers, and community members work together to identify environmental priorities and solutions.

Amount: $125,000

Project Name: Planning & Building Natural Infrastructure Networks Based on Value for Money Principles in the SRRCD.

Project Description: The project objective is to build small retention storage networks based on "Value for Money” principles using leading-edge analytic tools and provide these tools as a free resource to Conservation Districts for their natural infrastructure investment planning.  The proposed project adapts US retention storage design principles (as implemented in PondBuilder) for the Canadian context using small dam design and construction principles advocated by the Canadian Dam Association.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Sustainable Slopes.

Project Description: Through the Sustainable Slopes Project, the Manitoba Forestry Association along with its partners the Pembina Valley Conservation District, La Salle Redboine Conservation District and Whitemud Watershed Conservation District aim to raise the awareness of the importance of natural landscapes and assist landowners in managing their working landscapes for multiple priorities, including the provision of ecological goods and services.

Amount: $105,000

Project Name: Improving Watershed Health in the SRRCD by Engaging Farmers and Ranchers on the Working Landscape.

Project Description: Alternative Land Use Services projects in the Seine Rat River Conservation District will improve water quality and reduce erosion of marginal or environmentally targeted soils in the watershed by engaging producers and paying for project maintenance. Benefits also include the creation of wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, soil enhancement and protection.  The ALUS program is voluntary. Farmers, ranchers, and community members work together to identify environmental priorities and solutions.

Amount: $125,000

Project Name: Streambank Stabilization and Enhanced Vegetated Buffer.

Project Description: The project seeks to stabilize streambanks from erosion which loads nutrient laden soil and debris downstream that would otherwise cause eutrophication and negative effects to fish habitat. Stabilizing streambanks help encourage the natural function of riparian zones in filtering nutrients and reducing flow velocity. The project also strives to educate landowners on the benefits of stabilizing streambanks and the implementation of the stabilization process.

Amount: $54,000

Project Name: Gopher creek water retention & wetland creation project.

Project Description: UARCD will work with interested landowners to reduce wetland loss, catch and store new water on the landscape. We will build flood and drought tolerance and provide many other ecological goods and services into the Arrow Oak watershed benefiting the surrounding community and all of Manitoba.

Amount: $100,895

Project Name: Protecting Water, Riparian Habitat and Biodiversity.

Project Description: UARCD will work with Ranchers in the Assiniboine River Watershed to protect wetlands, riparian areas and aquatic habitats. Our project will result in enhanced ecological goods and services produced from our grasslands and range lands.

Amount: $22,475

Project Name: Building Resilience and Improving Lake Manitoba Watershed.

Project Description: This project will provide the Lake Manitoba Watershed and it's residents with many environmental benefits, such as land restoration, shoreline stabilization and erosion control, flood mitigation and  improved drought resilience, improved soil health and water quality and quantity, enhanced habitat and wildlife and improved biodiversity in the area, enhanced Carbon Sequestration, aesthetic values to the property and communities, connecting people to nature.

Amount: $20,000

Project Name: Improving Water Quality and Advancing Climate Change Adaptation in the Lower Souris River Watershed.

Project Description: The entire goal of this project is to reach a goal of sustainability on the watershed level. By increasing storage, improving water recharge and reducing the effects of flood we set up for resilience to climate change while achieving the goal of improved water quality. Improved water quality and storage within the Watershed means less infrastructure loss, reduced sedimentation loss, and increased holding capacity, faster groundwater recharge and more native habitat.

Amount: $78,000

Project Name: WWCD Distributed Multi-Functional Water Storage.

Project Description: Water storage is crucial to the resiliency of the Whitemud Watershed system, as the topography and land use is highly susceptible to flooding, drought, and erosion.  The WWCD Distributed Multi-Functional Water Storage program will be used to construct water storage projects at 6 sites; creating up to 150 acre-feet of storage capacity and 50 acres of additional wetland area.

Amount: $100,000