How to Apply

Five Step Process

     1. Read the Guidelines (Conservation Trust & GROW)

      • Carefully read the Guidelines to understand what the Trusts fund
      • Before you decide to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) you may also want to read the Applicant Guide from last year to see the requirements for a full proposal
      • Contact the Trust Team if you have any questions about eligibility

       2. Register your Organization

      Before you begin a LOI you must first register your organization or update your organizational profile with specific information about your organization.
      To register:

      •  Click on Apply Here to enter the basic information about your organization. This part must be done in one sitting.
      •  Once your organization is registered the Trust team will email you a user ID and password.

       3. Complete the Online Eligibility Quiz

      If your project is not eligible you will not be able to proceed to the LOI stage. Please contact the  Trust team if:

      • Your project has not passed the eligibility quiz and you are unsure why, or
      • Factors affecting the eligibility of your project have changed and you would like to retake the quiz.

       4. Complete the Letter of Interest (LOI)

      Using your user ID and password, log in and access the online LOI application. Applicants may make changes to the LOI before the deadline if it has already been submitted by contacting the Trust Team. Only successful LOI applicants will be invited to submit a full application for Trust  funding.

       5. The Trust team will contact you

      Upon submitting your application, you will receive confirmation that it has been received. Your LOI will be reviewed by the Trust team for eligibility and ranked against other applications.

       Contact Us

      If you have questions about your project’s eligibility, your proposal, what reviewers are looking for, or any other details of application and grant management, please contact the Trust team at

      Successful Proposals Will...

      • Address an evident conservation need that is a priority of the Trusts
      • Have significant, measurable, and/or multiple EG&S outcomes (conservation benefits)
      • Involve active partnerships and have effective engagement with other organizations
      • Request funding for one-third or less of the total project establishment cost
      • Show how requested funds support priority trust activities

      Contact the Trust Team!