Project Name: Annual Dauphin Lake Index Netting Fish Population Assessment

Project Description: Fisheries staff in cooperation with lntermountain Sport Fish Enhancement (ISFE) will continue the efforts of index gillnetting on Dauphin Lake. Index netting is carried out until approximately 250 Walleye are collected or the recommended number of net sets is achieved. Routine monitoring and evaluation of sport fisheries is essential to make effective and timely management decisions, which can maximize recreational opportunities for anglers, domestic fishers, and commercial fishermen while maintaining sustainable fish communities.

Amount: $1,466

Project Name: Improved Fisheries Management through Angling Assessments and Education

Project Description: Manitoba Wildlife Federation's (MWF) Improved Management through Angling Assessment and Education project, will conduct creel surveys on Lake Winnipeg to collect harvest information (estimate of total walleye and sauger harvested by anglers) and improve the understanding of angler use and harvest. This will allow resource users (i.e. commercial, recreational, and sustenance fishers) to maximize their harvest without compromising the future sustainability of the stocks (manage towards the maximum sustainable yield). MWF will also hire a coordinator to deliver education and awareness to anglers on impending angling regulation changes and work through a variety of communication platforms to engage the angling community. The Coordinator will also implement the creel survey's, build awareness around creel surveys, seek feedback, communicate survey results and educate anglers on fish handling techniques, ice fishing safety, accessibility, angling opportunities, etc.

Amount: $367,000

Project Name: Pinkerton Lakes Baseline Fish and Fish Habitat Assessment and Enhancement Recommendations

Project Description:By conducting baseline fish and fish habitat assessments within Pinkerton Lakes, a fisheries enhancement plan can be developed. The establishment of a trout stocked lake will create opportunities for recreational fisheries so as to promote tourism and thereby becoming an economic stimulus for local communities. As a self-contained lake the location will prevent fish loss and the arrival of undesirable fish species. Such an experience will also complement the existing recreational opportunities with the area such as the wildlife trails.

Amount: $12,226

Project Name: Creel Census for Sandy Lake Manitoba

Project Description: This creel census will gather information on the biological characteristics of the fish population such growth rates, age and other factors. This will help determine the economic value of the Sandy Lake fishery and assist in managing the fishery.

Amount: $10,000

Project Name: YSI meter to monitor lake health of Sandy Lake and other nearby lakes

Project Description: This project will purchase a YSI meter (a portable instrument) to measure Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Temperature and Conductivity. The meter will be shared with other organizations near Sandy Lake on a regular basis in order to protect fish habitats by monitoring trophic conditions and identifying problems that need to be addressed. This will reduce winter fish kills and result in maintaining healthy fish habitats.

Amount: $6,123.47

Project Name: Souris River Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Project Description: The Souris River Watershed District and its partners will stabilize and enhance the riparian area along the Souris River near Hartney, MB to reduce erosion and sediment loading that negatively impacts water quality and fish habitat.

Amount: $15,000

Project Name: Vopni Crossing - Swan River Fishway Construction

Project Description: The Swan Lake Watershed District (SLWD) and its partners have hired AAE Tech Services to provide a feasibility study that would allow a fish passage for walleye, northern pike, and other recreational fish at the Vopni Crossing on the Swan River. Fish stocks have a difficult time moving up Ford Crossings during critical spawning periods and being able to move upstream, these fish can naturally spawn and increase their population so that upstream recreational anglers are able to enjoy as well. This project will also allow the ability to study fish movement, habitat, and provide angler education.

Amount: $12,855

Project Name: Rehabilitation of Fish Habitat and Increasing Recreational Fish Stocks in Muir Lake at FortWhyte Alive

Project Description: The installation of an aerator in Muir Lake at FortWhyte Alive will increase dissolved oxygen and subsequently stock the lake with fish species that increase the opportunity for recreational fishing in all seasons.

Amount: $41,520

Project Name: Pelican Lake Carp Assessment and Removal Pilot Program

Project Description: The Pelican Lake Carp Assessment and Removal Pilot Program will assess the impact of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) population on the sport fishery, water quality, vegetation, and turbidity in Pelican Lake. The project uses several non-lethal collection methods to assess fish populations and tests those collection salvage techniques for cost effectiveness and impact on other species. Additionally, this project investigates efficient responsible uses for the salvaged carp.

Amount: $34,620

Project Name: Can environmental DNA (eDNA) cost effectively and non-invasively monitor fish stocks in Lake Winnipeg?

Project Description: This project will assess whether environmental DNA (eDNA) collected from water samples can be used to monitor fish populations in Lake Winnipeg by comparing the reliability, cost, and ease of use of eDNA methods to traditional gillnetting survey results. If eDNA provides a reliable and inexpensive means of assessing fish distribution and relative abundance, it could be a cost-effective supplement to capture-based sampling. It would directly benefit recreational fish stocks, and thus recreational anglers, by monitoring fish populations without causing unwanted mortality, and it would allow managers to collect more data at reduced cost when developing and regulating recreational and commercial fishery quotas within the Lake Winnipeg system.

Amount: $36,410

Project Name: Vincent Massey Fishing Club

Project Description: This fishing club provides students at the school between the ages of 15 and 18 an opportunity to learn about fishing in Manitoba. Students who participate will learn about fish species, proper technical skills and knowledge and conservation practices.

Amount: $2,000