Habitat and Wildlife

Project Name: Improving Grassland Biodiversity in Manitoba’s Community Pastures

Project Description: Thanks to Conservation Trust funding and inkind support, new strategic range management investments and brush management controls will be implemented to enhance over 8,500 acres of Community Pasture rangelands throughout Manitoba with stocking rate data produced to serve the AMCP pasture network. The project is supported by bird surveys, with an emphasis on grassland species-at-risk, at selected sites.

Amount: $300,000

Project Name: Using the Bird-friendliness Index to assess impacts of Best Management Practices for grassland conservation

Project Description: Grassland birds have declined by ~60% since the 1970s. Birds Canada will work with other conservation program delivery agents in Manitoba to assess the impact of Best Management Practices for prairie grasslands on the bird community by using the "Bird-friendliness Index" (BFI). Data for the BFI will be collected by 30 citizen scientists, professional biologists, and Autonomous Recording Units. The results will be used to optimize conservation action for grasslands birds in Manitoba and beyond.

Amount: $140,000

Project Name: Wetland conservation and enhancement in Manitoba to improve duck reproductive success - Spring 2021

Project Description: Manitoba wetlands are critical for breeding waterfowl and other wetland dependent species. Assistance from the Conservation Trust will help Delta Waterfowl permanently conserve up to 400 acres of Manitoba's wetland habitat, enhance 1,950 wetland acres using nest structures, and produce up to 8,300 mallard ducklings.

Amount: $85,955

Project Name: Restoring Manitoba's Natural Landscapes - Part 2

Project Description: Restoring Manitoba’s Natural Landscapes – Part 2 will allow Ducks Unlimited Canada to provide incentive-based, long term partnerships to landowners in order to restore 28 acres of wetlands, and 850 acres of grassland. An additional 492 acres of grassland will be enhanced for wildlife cover and 1,143 acres of wetland and grassland habitat will be secured perpetually, which will increase the Ecological Goods and Services that Manitoba’s natural landscapes provide.

Amount: $300,000

Project Name: Grassland Enhancement Program

Project Description: The Grassland Enhancement project will work with beef and forage producers to preserve and enhance 6,969 acres grasslands in southwestern Manitoba through 10-year term securement agreements and the implementation of beneficial management practices (BMPs), including perimeter and cross fencing, livestock watering systems (including pasture pipelines), shrub mowing, perennial cover establishment, bufferstrip establishment, invasive species control (match-funded), and woodlot management plans.

Amount: $300,000

Project Name: A new approach to restoring profitability, wildlife habitat and soil health

Project Description: Project partners are taking a new approach to restoring profitability, wildlife habitat and soil health. The project provides financial incentives and extension support that assists producers in overcoming the challenges of converting marginal cropland to forage. The new approach is tailored to both beef and grain producers such that 4,000 acres of forage will be restored and 1,000 acres of associated wetlands will be protected by long-term agreements.

Amount: $232,288

Project Name: The Wildlife Management Area Enhancement Initiative - Pilot Projects

Project Description: The Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Enhancement Initiative aims to address issues of woody vegetation encroachment and declining grassland habitat on WMA lands through the use of adaptive management practices. This pilot project will see up to 640 acres of grassland habitat restored on each of the Langruth and Broomhill WMAs, while demonstrating the benefits, such as an increase in biodiversity, wildlife production and harvestable opportunities of various habitat management techniques.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: MHV Basin - People with Nature

Project Description: This project will stabilize 450m of degraded shoreline in a sustainable way. Over 1000 trees and tall plants will be planted that will restore 3.5 acres of a degraded wetland on a public museum ground. A 300m path and that circumnavigates the pond will increase visitor enjoyment of the area (we estimate 15,000 visitors to the basin annually) and will be used for public education on wetlands. The Steinbach and Area Garden Club will lead education tours to adults and school children alike.

Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Prairie Habitat Restoration - Discovery Nature Sanctuary - Winkler Manitoba

Project Description: The proposed CT funding request will help the DNS source native seed and prepare the field conditions for the establishment of stable native ground cover on 6.77 contiguous acres land. Funding will support the site preparation work, the purchase of native seed and will support the professional services needed to oversee this process.

Amount: $6,666

Project Name: Native Prairie and Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Project Description: This proposed project will restore and enhance native prairie and wildlife habitat in Manitoba’s Prairie ecozone. Woody species control and modified management will enhance and restore 600 acres of prairie habitat. A cover crop will be established on 350 cultivated acres on NCC’s Fort Ellice Project to set the stage for future mixed-grass prairie restoration using locally collected and appropriate native seed.

Amount: $140,000