"Keep Grazing" Project

The intent of the program, over a three-year period, is to deliver information and incentives to cattle producers to enhance pasturelands with the goal to improve grass quality and maintain a healthy habitat for Species at Risk.

Cattle producers in Manitoba are part of the solution to protecting this valuable component of the ecosystem. Through production practices, cattle producers are making a significant difference to Species at Risk.

The project area includes the:

  • Poverty Plains
  • Lyleton Grasslands
  • Blind Souris River Valley
  • Belleview and Maple Lake Region

Some examples of the incentives and/or services for which funds could be used are:

  • Fencing that supports improved grazing,
  • Watering systems designed to improve cattle distribution,
  • Management of woody, invasive plants encroaching on grasslands (shrubbing),
  • Established additional pastures that help to relieve grazing pressure on native rangelands,
  • Native pasture establishment

Cost-shared incentives will be funded up to $13,000 per quarter-section, to a max of $50,000 per landowner. For more information contact Carol Graham, MHC Habitat Conservation Specialist at 204-821-4943 (cgraham@mbhabitat.ca) or visit the Manitoba Beef Producer website.