Soil Health

Project Name: Soil Health and Cover Crops: Addressing watershed priorities for producers and wildlife habitat

Project Description: MFGA will lead a partnership of three Manitoba Watershed Districts from the southwest Manitoba to support landowners’ Regenerative Agriculture practices that benefit their farms and the soils. MFGA ,Central Assiniboine, Assiniboine West and Souris River Watershed Districts will work with producers in the specific watersheds to target 2000 acres over the one-year project to improve the health of the soil and see improved ecological services delivered from the farming landscape.

Amount: $90,000

Project Name: Working with landowners to improve soil health in Lake Manitoba Watershed

Project Description: This project will engage 10-15 farmers to enhance at least 1500 acres of soil in Lake Manitoba Watershed through the use of cover crops. The benefits of using cover crops include soil health improvements, reduction of soil erosion, water and air quality protection, increased flood and drought resilience, optimized nutrient management, improved natural pollination, pest and disease suppression, reduction in greenhouse gas emission, enhanced carbon sequestration.

Amount: $90,000