Project Name: Restoring Manitoba's Natural Landscapes - Part 1

Project Description: Incentive-based, long term partnerships with landowners will allow Ducks Unlimited Canada to restore 41 acres of wetlands and 800 acres of grassland as part of the Restoring Manitoba’s Natural Landscapes – Part 1 project. An additional 1,143 acres of wetland and grassland habitat will be secured perpetually, which will increase the Ecological Goods and Services provided by Manitoba’s natural infrastructure.

Amount: $300,000

Project Name: Edie Creek Retention Enhancements

Project Description: The Northeast Red Watershed District will improve surface water quality while providing flood mitigation and improved drought resilience by diverting portions of the Edie Creek to a water retention structure.

Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Sandy Lake Source Water Protection Project

Project Description: This project will:

• Enhance an existing 1.6 acre wetland to 3.75 acres to intercept and remove excess nutrients from the water entering Sandy Lake from the creek that flows through the Golf Course.

• Use the Golf Course irrigation system (which draws water from Sandy Lake) to continuously feed this wetland thus removing some nutrients from the lake and keeping the wetland watered during dry periods.

Amount: $25,000