Project Name: Accelerating Adoption of Regenerative Farming to Enhance Manitoba’s Natural Infrastructure: Phase 2

Project Description: The goal of this proposal is to grow Holistic Management Canada's Regenerative Accelerator Program. This program aims to scale up the adoption of regenerative farming practices that build healthy ecosystems and improve soil health on farms in Manitoba. This project will allow Holistic Management Canada and our partners to work with more farmers across Manitoba and provide them with expertise and funding to plan and implement regenerative farming projects that will impact over 4,000 acres.

Amount: $200,000

Project Name: Soil Health: Addressing watershed priorities for producers and wildlife habitat

Project Description: MFGA will lead a partnership of three Manitoba Watershed Districts from the southwest Manitoba to support landowners’ Regenerative Agriculture practices via cover and relay crops that focus on healthy soils, healthy farms, healthy watersheds. MFGA ,Central Assiniboine, Assiniboine West and Souris River Watershed Districts will target 3,600 acres @ $25 acre = $90,000 over one-year project to improve the soil and deliver improved ecological services and watershed benefits from their farms.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: Improving soil stewardship on Manitoba organic farms

Project Description: Improving soil stewardship on Manitoba organic farms is a two-year project using a suite of inter-related activities, including a consultant agronomist program, cost-share funding, farmer education and building a grazing exchange website for farmers and ranchers, to improve soil health practices. The targeted practices introduced on 1600 acres include integrating livestock onto cropland, minimizing tillage, planting diverse cover crops and perennial plants and improving crop rotations.

Amount: $100,000

Project Name: Working with landowners to improve soil health in the West Interlake Watershed

Project Description: This project will engage up to 10 farmers to enhance up to 1500 acres of soil in West Interlake Watershed through the use of cover crops/polycrops. Key environmental criteria include soil health, protection from erosion, effective soil management, water/air quality protection, flood and drought resilience, nutrient management, natural pollination, pest and disease suppression, reduction in greenhouse gas emission, enhanced carbon sequestration.

Amount: $100,000


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