Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation Unveils New Brand Identity

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MHHC changes name after 37 years and embraces growth with brand evolution

Today, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation announced their new name and branding. The evolution from Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation to Manitoba Habitat Conservancy builds on past successes and recognition of the need to adapt and grow. Along with their name change comes an update in their brand identity, introducing a refreshed look and new opportunities to involve stakeholders. In 2021, MHC transitioned from a Crown corporation to a not-for-profit making them Manitoba’s largest environmental not-for-profit. This transition called for a recognizable and actionable brand with a name that aligns with who they are as they move into the future. Building on the efforts of this organization over the past 37 years, Manitoba Habitat Conservancy is now looking to the future to sustain, grow and bring new light to their conservation work.

“Our new name, Manitoba Habitat Conservancy, gives us an opportunity to distinguish ourselves as an environmental not-for-profit. With the recent development of MHC’s Trusts, our granting initiatives, MHC is supporting conservation in new and larger ways. The new brand is built on our respected past, but now better reflects the modern MHC, one that continues to work with folks at their kitchen tables but now also supports organizations and conservation programs across Manitoba’s beautiful landscapes,” says Stephen Carlyle, Chief Executive Officer of MHC. “I am excited to be able to take our existing trusted brand and launch it to new heights to bring awareness to what we do and help us connect to a wider audience.”
The organization is holding a private brand launch for internal and external stakeholders to celebrate their new brand identity on September 18, 2023.

Manitoba Habitat Conservancy are proud stewards of Manitoba’s habitats and wildlife, uniting communities toward the greater purpose of conserving, restoring and enhancing the land. They feel reinvigorated and ready for new conservation opportunities and investments for the benefit of all Manitobans. Manitoba Habitat Conservancy is committed to being a leader in delivering diverse habitat conservation programs through impactful partnerships, preserving their conservation legacy and protecting Manitoba’s habitats for generations to come.