Hen Houses Provide a Haven for Nesting Mallards

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Thousands of new mallard ducklings will be hitting the water in wetlands across southwestern Manitoba this spring.  That would appear to be unremarkable, however, these ducklings would likely not exist but for the combined efforts of the Delta Waterfowl Foundation and the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation. These two organizations have erected more than 2400 nesting structures on wetlands throughout southwestern … Read More

Wetland Number Thirty-Three

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Tom and Sabrina Schlup have reached another milestone in their efforts to return their land back to its natural state. This past October, with the help of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, they completed the thirty-third wetland restoration project on their farm. When the Schlups purchased the land in 1999, most of the wetlands on the farm had been drained … Read More

The Cowboy Conservationist

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Colin Adams is a young cattle rancher with a passion for rodeo, having just finished a season on the professional circuit. However he also has a passion for conserving nature on his southwestern Manitoba cattle ranch. A portion of his land is now protected with a Conservation Agreement. According to Adams there is no downside to this decision.  The agreement … Read More

Study Finds Landowners are Fairly Compensated for Habitat Conservation

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While a conservation easement on agricultural lands may reduce their resale value, a recent study has found that landowners, through easement payments, have been adequately compensated for the difference. That’s the conclusion of a study conducted by Dr. Chad Lawley from the Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics at the University of Manitoba and Dr. Charles Towe, from the Department … Read More

Filling in sloughs – with water!

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One of the earliest participants in the Wetland Restoration Incentive Program (WRIP) was Fred Sharpe. In addition to being one of the first, this project also turned out to be one of the largest wetland restorations that MHHC has done to date. The aim of the WRIP is to capture carbon and reduce Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions. In 2009, 28 … Read More

A Home For All

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“Everybody says, ‘go to the lake and buy a cottage,’ but we don’t have to” said Marlin Firby, a mixed farmer and long-time resident of the Minnedosa area. It isn’t necessary because there is a small lake right outside the window of their home that will never be drained. The Firbys appreciate seeing the birds and other wildlife and have … Read More