MHC and partners to launch a beer to help conserve Manitoba wetlands

Diana PerezBanner, Front Page, News

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, the Manitoba Habitat Conservancy (MHC) and Delta Waterfowl Foundation have partnered with Lake of the Woods Brewing Company (LOWBREWco) to launch a limited-edition beer, the proceeds of which will go to help conserve and restore wetlands in Manitoba.

Wetlands are among the most productive natural ecosystems in the world, comparable to tropical rain forests or coral reefs, yet more than half of all wetlands on the Prairies have been lost or degraded by drainage. Since 1986, MHC has been implementing programs designed to preserve all types and sizes of existing wetlands in Manitoba, and to restore wetland basins.

“Manitoba is home to hundreds of thousands of acres of wetlands that are rich in biodiversity, critical to watershed health and help us adjust to climate change,” says Stephen Carlyle, Chief Executive Officer at MHC. “Today is World Wetlands Day, and we are excited to announce our new dry-hopped beer designed to help bring awareness to our conservation and restoration efforts here in Manitoba.”

The new beer, Wetlands Wild, is being produced at Lake of the Woods Brewing Company located in downtown Winnipeg. Not only are they producing and distributing the beer, but they are also donating the entirety of its sales revenue to MHC and Delta Waterfowl. “One of our environmental sustainability goals is water resource conservation. Brewing a Manitoba-made beer with two local conservation groups that conserve wetlands was just a natural fit,” says James Vandal, Manitoba Territory Manager at LOWBREWco.

The beer itself is brewed with wild hops harvested from the Delta Marsh, one of Manitoba’s largest and most important marshes, located in south central Manitoba. The Delta Marsh is also where the Delta Waterfowl, a leading waterfowl conservation organization, was founded. “Delta Waterfowl owes much of its reputation to the famed Delta Marsh. We’ve long known the importance of wetlands, big and small, for our beloved ducks. Much of our collective work with conservation partners like MHC conserves wetlands, especially those in Agro-Manitoba,” said Jim Fisher, VP of Canadian Policy at Delta Waterfowl.

“100% of the proceeds will be used towards our efforts to conserve and restore wetlands in Manitoba,” says Carlyle. “By purchasing this beer, you are helping keep Manitoba landscapes alive and thriving.”

Wetlands Wild will be available for purchase starting February 17, 2023 at Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in True North Square, 221 Carlton St., Winnipeg, MB, while supplies last.