Wetland Number Thirty-Three

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Tom and Sabrina Schlup have reached another milestone in their efforts to return their land back to its natural state. This past October, with the help of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, they completed the thirty-third wetland restoration project on their farm. When the Schlups purchased the land in 1999, most of the wetlands on the farm had been drained … Read More

The Cowboy Conservationist

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Colin Adams is a young cattle rancher with a passion for rodeo, having just finished a season on the professional circuit. However he also has a passion for conserving nature on his southwestern Manitoba cattle ranch. A portion of his land is now protected with a Conservation Agreement. According to Adams there is no downside to this decision.  The agreement … Read More

Save Our Skinks!

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Manitoba’s Only Lizard Added to Endangered Species List Very little is actually known about the Northern Prairie Skink.  Volunteer Devon Baete, on behalf of Manitoba Habitat Heritage, is looking to change that. For the past two summers Baete has been talking to and visiting landowners who have skinks on their property.  With their permission, he sets “skink traps”- small pieces … Read More

Species At Risk Profile: Small White Lady’s Slipper

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Common Name: Small White Lady’s Slipper Species Name: Cypripedium candidum Description: The Small White Lady’s Slipper is a herbaceous perennial orchid that can grow to a height of 10 to 35 cm (4 to 13 inches). Plants grow in clumps, with each flowering stem surrounded by two to four leaves. One flower is found at the tip of each flowering … Read More