First Call for Proposals For GROW Projects Now Open

Diana PerezBanner, News

Conservation and GROW Trusts Providing $5.0 Million in New Funds for Watershed Health This Year.

The first call for Letters of Intent for project proposals under Manitoba’s new GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds (GROW) Program opens on January 10.

Groups that are eligible to deliver GROW (Watershed Districts) may apply for up to $500,000 in funding. Other groups may consider applying to the Conservation Trust under criteria established in the Watersheds category, where the maximum funding available is $250,000.

More information on the proposal process is available on the MHC website at  Letters of intent must be submitted by Feb. 14th, 2020, to be considered in the first round of proposals.

For more information about GROW, contact your local Watershed District or Government of Manitoba at 204-945-0002.