Frederick Charles Dreger Land Donation

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Fred Dreger’s farm, located 10 miles southwest of Morden, was small by today’s standards, a half section. Most of the 320 acres was prime farmland, but a portion, the westerly 60 acres of NW 25-1-7 WPM, contained a rich and diverse piece of wildlife habitat. This parcel includes a steep and densely wooded tributary to the Pembina River, wetlands, and grasslands. The area was a vital component to the farm, providing water, fuel wood, pasture, and hay.

Fred hunted whitetail deer, grouse, and other game on the property and ran a trapline in the winter, mostly for beavers. Without question, these surroundings held a special place with Fred.

Sadly, Fred passed away on November 23, 2008, but he ensured, through a handwritten bequest, that this pristine piece of habitat was to be left for wildlife – in perpetuity. In February 2010, the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation was honoured to accept Fred’s donation.