Grosse Isle Restoration Project and Slideshow

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The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) has partnered with a team of conservation organizations and local landowners to restore what has almost been completely lost—native prairie. Currently less than 1% of the original Tall-grass Prairie stands remain in Manitoba, but, through the Prairie Habitat Revival Project, MHHC is undertaking the restoration of 223 acres (90 hectares) of habitat near Grosse Isle and Oak Hammock Marsh. The first stage of this project is now complete, with the voluntary restoration of a 79 acre wetland that will forever remain a part of the landscape.  The continued rehabilitation of this formerly cultivated field will be documented on our Website following the Spring snow melt, so be sure to check back in a couple of months for an update.

Future restoration works are planned for several cultivated parcels beside Oak Hammock Marsh. These restorations will add to the existing area of native prairie at the marsh, while providing local educational and recreational opportunities as well as wildlife habitat.

Funding support for this project came from Manitoba’s Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship, Environment Canada’s EcoAction fund, Wildlife Habitat Canada and the East Interlake Conservation District.  If you have lands that you wish to see restored to their original condition, please contact your local MHHC representative for information on our programs and the benefits that they can provide to you, the landowner.

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