Property Dedication in Honor of Peter Galawan

Kasie McLaughlinBanner, Land Donations, News

In 2017, Peter Galawan of Oak Lake, Mb donated a 160-acre parcel of land to The Manitoba Habitat Conservancy (MHC), an organization with a primary mandate to conserve, restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

Last month, MHC was pleased to host a dedication event in the presence of Peter Galawan, along with his family and friends to honor and recognize the generosity of his donation. The “Galawan Property” will continue to serve as a reminder of Peter Galawan’s monumental donation to the conservation of wildlife habitat.

The Galawan Property is located north of Oak Lake along the grassland flats of the Arrow Hills and contains Bailey’s creek, a tributary, of the Assiniboine River.

Bailey’s Creek provides the Galawan Property with a well-established riparian area and stream habitat that holds a significant role in watershed health. Stream habitat improves bank stability, water quality, reduces the risk of flooding, provides habitat for aquatic species, nesting areas for waterfowl and a water supply for cattle.

Grassland habitats, such as those on the Galawan Property, are one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet and provide important habitat for grassland birds, including species at risk, such as Sprague’s Pipit. The use of cattle on these grasslands will provide birds with the required grassland enhancement that they need in order to nest successfully.

The Galawan land donation allows MHC to continue managing habitat for the benefit of wildlife by providing local cattle producers with managed grazing opportunities.

MHC plans on continuing to manage the property as Peter had previously been doing through grazing and continuing to provide upland and wetland habitat for grassland birds and waterfowl.